Letter from Andrew Phan Quang

Dear Mr. Bronson,
I am very happy to be informed about events happened in Que Chau, where the Servant of God, Fr. Vincent Capodanno died. Blood of Martyrs generates the Church, heroic virtues of Fr. Vincent have greatly affected on the local inhabitants. At present, due to actively mediate of the Servant of God, Fr. Vincent, the Catholic Community of Que Chau is increasing the number and virtuous life. There are over 100 Catholics, in which two nuns and two postulants. We are far from the main Church of parish, but the mass is celebrated here very crowdedly and zealously.  I hope this community will expand fast in the future thanks to the mediation of the Father Vincent Capodanno and to your incessant pray.
By the way, I would like to be on be half of all Catholics in Que Chau Community to express profound gratitude for what you do to me and my community.
May God in the active mediation of the Servant of God, Fr. Vincent Capodanno, bestow many graces to you. I hope all Fr. Vincent wish will be done by will.
With communion in daily prayer with the Servant of God Capodanno.
Yours truly,
Andrew Phan Quang.